Thank you for your interest in contracting with Video Subtitler! You will need to read the instructions below and afterwards download the sample test audio and transcribe it.

Formatting Guidelines


  • Please mark any unintelligible’s in editorial brackets with a time stamp as follows: [unintelligible 00:00]

  • For words you can hear but are not sure how to spell (i.e. proper nouns like names) we highlight and time stamp as follows: highlight 00:00

  • Break up paragraphs when it’s appropriate and use a single space after a period.

  • Try to avoid starting sentences with "And", "But" or "So". They are usually filler words and don’t add to the context.

  • Please transcribe non-verbatim (standard capture), excluding meaningless interjections or fillers such as um, ah, uh, etc. as well as stutters, thought changes and false starts. For stutters, thought changes, or false starts, you can eliminate 1-3 words.


  • Use the spoken vernacular rather than formal words.


       For example: “gonna” instead of going to

       “wanna” instead of want to

       “cause” instead of because


       (only use if it is spoken that way)

Your scoring will be based on: 

  • Accuracy

  • Grammar/Language Construction

  • Formatting

  • Research Abilities

NB: Payments will be done after every job done.